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Kenya Safaris

Kenya has for long been a world leader in Eco- tourism. Accordingly, the Kenya government’s stated policy is to conserve wildlife for prosperity while giving due regards to human interests. This policy translates very into encouraging self-sustaining tourism that doesn’t degrade the environment while at the same time reducing the conflict between the local community and the wildlife. It is not surprising therefore that Kenya is one of the few destinations that give visitors a veritable spectacle of wildlife that is co–existing harmoniously with its human neighbors.


Wildlife in Kenya is not only precious in natural heritage but also makes Kenya the ultimate destination of unlimited adventure. Great names such as Sir Winston Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt, Ernest Hemingway, lived in lasting memories of the land of vivid contrasts, with open wide spaces, snow capped mountains on the equator, vast rolling plains teeming with the wildlife that was and still is awe inspiring and cannot be rivaled anywhere else in the world. Their undying memories of this nature’s wonderland still hold true to- day. The visits by these luminaries of yester years as well as royalty have given the seal of approval of Kenya’s claim as Nature’s wonderland and the home of “safari” which is a Kiswahili word meaning “journey”.


Kenya’s priceless treasury of wildlife owes its very existence to contrasts in the county’s  terrain, which ranges from rugged snow covered peaks of mount Kenya , the highlands, the savannah, the great rift valley and its lakes as well as the simmering sands of the coast . Each of these geographical regions is home to different types of wildlife that are unique to each area.

For ornithologists Kenya has an amazing wealth or birdlife more than one thousand bird species have been recorded in the vast variety of habitats in Kenya.  The huge variety is due to lack of extreme variation in climate. Kenya also gets her share of migratory birds. It has been estimated that as many as six million birds migrate to Kenya during the northern hemisphere winter. The combination of these migrants together with a thousand odd local species makes Kenya a truly ornithological paradise.  Kenya, with its game-filled plains, rugged mountain ranges and the great East African Rift Valley lakes is one of the most exciting safari destinations you'll ever experience. The Masai Mara National Reserve is famous the world over for the Great Migration.  


Kenya is considered the birth place of the safari tour, making a magnet for people seeking out the thrill of spotting the Big 5 in the untamed African wilderness. We offer a unique selection of Kenyan safari packages, with accommodation ranging from luxury lodges and stylish bush camps to tented campgrounds and safari hotels, ensuring there is something to suit every traveler.

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